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The service which Vishvesh Textiles provided was fantastic. The wooden blind looks rich. Would surely recommend my friends and family.

Shobha Reddy

There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum This place has everything that you need from curtains to home decor all are at its best quality. They offer products from different price range and their service is really good and gets what we need on or before time

Terisha Tomy

We have been regular customers with vishvesh textiles for more than 9 yrs . Thier work is excellent and and customer care feedback and dealing with work related fittings and all is superlative. The staff is very courteous , prompt and dedicated. Over the years they have done 3 appartments for us and we never had to repeat any instructions . They deliver even better than they promise. Mr Sarvesh and Sr. Mr Patel guide customers like a personal family member. Really happy to be associated with Vishvesh textiles.

Payal Surjan

One stop shop for home furnishings. Good collection on Window and door readymade curtains, table mats, door mats, bed sheets etc.,. You also get furnishing cloths for custom fits. In addition, there are number of other home furnishing items available at this shop.

Neelamegam Sundaresan

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Home furnishing needs for your home all at one stop at Vishvesh textiles, the best Window Treatment Store in Chennai. With 50+ years of being in the industry we have experienced and adapted to changing times, styles and requirements of the interior design market. Trends are ever changing & customers want to be able to get to those trends, at Vishvesh we want to be the first thought with every step of the way with your home furnishing needs. For one of kind curtain choices choose the best Custom window treatments shop in Chennai!

Adding curtains is one of the last steps of furnishing your dream home, they add a ton of character to your space. We at Vishvesh Textiles, Chennai provide a range of home furnishing services that the finishing touches to your space.

Why Add Curtains/Blinds to Your home?

  • Enhances Your Decor
  • Insulates Your Home
  • Noise Insulation
  • Transforms a Space
  • Stops Direct Sunlight


How to pair curtains with blinds?

You don’t have to choose between blinds or curtains when looking for the ideal window finishing; combining the two in the same space can create a striking and fashionable look. It may be overwhelming to pair blinds and curtains together because there are so many different colours, materials, and design possibilities available. But it’s simpler than you may imagine! To help you feel secure in your style choices, we’ve put up this straightforward advice on the dos and don’ts of coordinating curtains with blinds.

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