We typically devote a significant amount of effort to choosing on the interior design of our home as well as the colors of our walls. But what is that one factor that can have a significant impact on the appearance of our space? It is the flooring that has the greatest impact on the overall appearance of your home. You won’t have to worry about altering it if you pick the correct one for your home! Unless you really want to. However, deciding on the ideal flooring for your home may be difficult but we at Vishvesh help you make the right choice.

Which is the best type of flooring for your home?

Different kinds of flooring options available with Vishvesh Textiles 


Have you ever questioned whether Laminate flooring performs well in warm areas or if laminate flooring  is a good option? Laminate is a type of tiling that looks like wood but has distinct qualities .Floor lamination is a well-known feature that provides the magnificent look and feel of real hardwood flooring.Wood-effect tiles appear to be a flawless replica of hardwood flooring from afar.


Engineered hardwood differs from solid hardwood in that it is made out of layers of plywood and actual hardwood. Each layer of this material is positioned in a separate direction during manufacturing to prevent warping and dips in the even surface.


Vinyl is a pet-friendly flooring option, regardless of how often it is overlooked in favor of other options. It provides excellent traction and is  a cost-effective alternative that can be used in every room of the house and is also fairly sound-absorbent. This is an excellent option for people looking for a warm material that looks like oak or stone.

Vinyl flooring is a product made of numerous layers of various materials fused together to create a floor covering that is incredibly durable, useful, and reasonably priced. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and vinyl roll are the two primary varieties of vinyl flooring. Although LVT and vinyl roll are both formed of the same materials, they are built differently to achieve distinct results. For instance, the plank format is perfect for resembling actual wood. Vinyl flooring is a product made of numerous layers of various materials fused together to create a floor covering that is incredibly durable, useful, and reasonably priced. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and vinyl roll are the two primary varieties of vinyl flooring. Although LVT and vinyl roll are both formed of the same materials, they are built differently to yield distinct results.

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Opting for a wall to wall carpet look can be a great option for your living room, dining room, home theater, and other areas. Antiviral technology is included into our wall-to-wall carpet, making your home a healthy and safe retreat. Furthermore, our wall to wall carpets come in a variety of brilliant solid colors and sophisticated prints to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Wall-to-wall installation will undoubtedly have a significant effect on how the room appears. However, a room’s carpet can have an impact on more than simply your feet. Wall-to-wall carpeting acts as a natural insulator by keeping warm (and cool) air inside and absorbing sound. Additionally, unlike hard flooring, it can prevent slips and cushion falls, which are crucial factors to take into account whether you live with boisterous children or an elderly parent.

Because of its outstanding durability and capacity to withstand heavy use in congested settings, carpet tile flooring is typically considered the most attractive and desirable alternative. Customers may simply adjust the style and functionality of their area to their preferences thanks to the ability to personalise. You can choose from our distinctively designed carpet tiles which can be  commonly used in large industrial settings because they are both attractive and easy to maintain.When wall-to-wall carpet is not an option, carpet tiles can be used instead since they are easy to install, need little care, and have many of the same benefits as wall-to-wall carpet in terms of fostering a cosy, healthy interior atmosphere. The following four crucial considerations should be made while choosing carpet tiles for your upcoming project. 



  • Spc Flooring

A vinyl flooring material with a hard core composed of powdered limestone. It’s also referred to as “stone polymer composite flooring”. It has a dense, dimensionally stable, silent, and sturdy structure. When compared to tiles, it is more comfy and soft, with higher thermal insulation. Meanwhile, its tensile strength is superior to that of tiles.


Artificial grass is increasingly utilized both indoors and outdoors because it is attractive, long-lasting, practical, and simple to maintain. Artificial grass now faithfully imitates the natural grass-like look by blending different thicknesses and colors of fibers, thanks to advancements in production technology and materials. For a yard, deck, or balcony, artificial grass is a terrific option.

Artificial grass, sometimes known as turf, is becoming more and more common and can be seen everywhere.All are perforated for effective drainage and are UV resistant. It drains and won’t fade as a result. However, despite not requiring the same maintenance as real grass, it still has the appearance and feel of grass.


How to choose the best flooring for your home?


  • Taking Stock of Your Daily Situation 

You must take some time to consider your daily routines and the circumstances in your home before choosing the kind of flooring for your space. Your home has how many rooms? Who is utilizing the space? Do you have young children and animals? Which rooms see the greatest traffic? These questions can aid you in your search for all-inclusive solutions for your home if you can successfully respond to them. If you have young children or pets, you’ll probably choose flooring that is tough but simple to maintain. On the other hand, slip-resistant and shock-absorbing flooring will benefit seniors who would mostly use certain rooms. The best options in these circumstances are  carpet, rubber, or vinyl.


  • Make choices based on the function of the room 

After analyzing the particulars of your daily routine, you must assess how the flooring in your home will affect the activities in the space. Let’s take a look at the kitchen, which is where the majority of us will spend the day. We spend a lot of time standing here, which makes the floors prone to collecting a lot of oil. Given this, you should choose a flooring material for your kitchen that is non-slip and simple to maintain; vinyl and laminate are suitable options.


  • How much you want to spend

Flooring can range in price from being reasonably priced to being exorbitantly expensive. Although keeping to your budget is definitely more important, knowing it is still important. Determine how much you must spend and live within your means. 


  • Style of the space

It makes sense to discuss the type of flooring you choose when we are considering how it will blend in with the surroundings. It’s easy to overlook the essential requirement that the flooring we select blend well with the furnishings we already have in our homes. The best flooring for your home will primarily depend on your personal preferences, but you must make sure that it blends in with other furnishings while making your decision. 

At Vishvesh Textiles, we have a wide range of flooring options that will help you complete your space with all kinds of flooring from Laminate flooring  & Vinyl flooring for homes to wall to wall carpets, Engineered wood tiles in Chennai to even Carpet Tile Installation in Chennai.

Visit our store Vishvesh Textiles- Love your Living in Cathedral Road, Chennai for a first hand look and feel of our various products and services available to complete your space with curtains, flooring, wall coverings and so much more!


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